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Be eligible for over 3,000 English Teaching jobs worldwide!

Exciting English Teaching Jobs Worldwide and job offers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, all of Latin America, South Korea, Mexico and online!
All our TEFL graduates have the guaranteed job placement as the most integral part of the course. You have to be a hard worker and have all your energy focused on teaching English classes and we can therefore get you either a part-time job or a full time job, whatever you prefer.

We are the most accredited TEFL Course provider

Ibero School is an Institutional Member of The College of Teachers. This means it is an organisation with an educational interest which has agreed to follow The College’s Code of Professional Practice.

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Íbero TEFL is the number one TEFL Training Certification Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in all of Latin America. With 17 years of experience in the language school market in Buenos Aires, we have already successfully placed 3,500 TEFL trainees in ESL Jobs in Buenos Aires and worldwide. Sign up!

Buenos Aires TEFL Course

Internationally recognized certificate to teach English worldwide

Teach English Abroad with Confidence, get TEFL certified with Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires Getting TEFL certified is awesome because Teaching English abroad is a great...


We offer a TEFL course with international validity. Through our school, you can become IBERO TEFL certified and immediately be able to work in...

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    I finished my TEFL course at Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires on February 24th, 2017 and Íbero TEFL is already connecting me with employers. From the first moment to the last, it’s been great. The accommodation was very centrally located in a posh area of town – big apartment, big room, nice roommates. I hadn’t asked for immersion, and the man who “runs” the flat happened to speak flawless English, a nice bonus.Joseph Lustig, USA  Read More!
    I learned Íbero TEFL by a friend who recommended me classes. I took the course in March, 2016. I learned a lot during the month and reviewed the content quickly enough to learn about all the issues yet not bored and not feeling bombarded with work. The scope of the classroom was very friendly and I felt very comfortable asking questions and could understand the subject well. Camille Hanley, USA