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Top TEFL Certification Organization by Go Abroad

Top TEFL Certification Organization by Go Abroad

Íbero TEFL Certification Training Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina has been named top TEFL Organization in 2015 by Go Abroad

Top TEFL Certification Organization by Go Abroad: USA, February 6th, 2016- Worldwide top website for travelers Go Abroad has recently named Íbero TEFL top organization to study the TEFL course in Buenos Aires in 2015. Reviewed by a high rate of happy ex participants, this TEFL course in Buenos Aires has received fantastic feedback in 2015.

The Íbero TEFL certification course in Buenos Aires offers a 4-week in-house course, 120-hour total training with all the necessary theory and practice in order to become an effective English teacher. It is of supreme importance that all participants can show a real commitment to the course as it is short but intense and that they can also show a high level of motivation. These are key facts in order to be able to get a full-time job as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires. Teachers wanting to teach fewer hours to learn in Spanish in the beginning can opt to do so as well.

“We have had lots of receptive and positive feedback from our course and this is due to hard work and dedication. I am committed to having all our graduates busy working after the course and this is reflected in their opinions after the course”, says Director Florencia Bozzano, who has been running the

Íbero TEFL course at her school in Buenos Aires since 2008.

Top TEFL Certification Organization by Go Abroad: This complete program also offers the possibility of learning Spanish and also to stay at the accommodation offered by the school, either in a shared apartments or homestay for people looking to improve their Spanish even faster. Florencia has also written a complete line of Spanish learning books for all levels of fluency, which are free to all international students from Íbero. The school also offers the possibility of studying Spanish at a lower rate, for TEFL students.

“The course was helpful in preparing me about what to expect as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires. The program also helped facilitate interviews with language institutes and job opportunities. My practice teaching sessions were helpful because they exposed me to real English classes and gave me the opportunity to practice. My instructor was great and had lots of experience teaching English in Buenos Aires. She was very knowledgeable and taught me a lot!”, says Chiara May Padovani from Canada who has completed the TEFL course on October 9th, 2014, after 4 weeks of intensive classes and practice sessions.

Top TEFL Certification Organization by Go Abroad

I completed my TEFL course at Íbero on May 29th, 2015. I found the TEFL course to be a very helpful crash course in what I should expect from teaching English. At first, I thought that the course would mainly revolve around reviewing the English grammar rules that I haven’t really paid attention to since primary and secondary school. The course did focus on this for one week, with a particular emphasis on some of the most useful ways to explain things. The TEFL book by Íbero was great. I have used the coursework to help me compare and contrast verb tenses, as well as teach the different ways the English language makes use of Gerunds (-ing words). More than the grammar however, the most practical benefits gained from the course include categorizing the students’ existing knowledge base into levels, knowing what materials are appropriate to learn at each one of these levels, and how handle classroom dynamics in which students vary in understanding or fluency. No doubt that the practice sessions were helpful. They are useful because prior to the practice sessions, I spent a lot of time in a classroom discussing the theory and the best practices. It was good to approach it from the theoretical side, but actually being in a classroom with a language learner for an hour helped me see some of the struggles in person. Exposure to this environment brought things to my attention and the subsequent discussions with my instructor helped to make what I was learning in class more applicable to the real-world teaching experience. The job placement was very useful. By providing contacts to the various language institutions I was able to find enough teaching hours to break even on expenses. However, getting hired by the companies and arranging schedules are two different things. As you are aware, there are a lot of factors that must be arranged before the first day of class even starts such as the day and time and location. If in the beginning you aren’t careful when scrambling for enough hours, you run the risk of making commitments that pull you all around town. Thanks again for everything, Jim Clark, USA


Terminé mi curso TEFL el 29 de marzo de 2016. Fue genial la experiencia aquí. Al inicio tenía poco miedo de verdad es que no sabía nada de la escuela y leí cosas negativas… desde primer momento que entré a esta atmosfera increíble entendí que de verdad la situación era al revés! Mi profe aquí y la directora sólo trataron que yo tengo la mejor experiencia! El curso fue genial – tanta mucho trabajo la profe puso para ayudar nos, para apoyarnos con cualquier pregunta que tuvimos.. ahora  me siento mucho más listo para enseñar inglés. La directora me ayudó mucho también.. la cosa más importante es que se preocupa de ti! Se preocupa de ti no solo si estás pagando por el curso, pero se preocupa si te gusta el curso, si te vas a encontrar trabajo después. Es una chica genial.. y este todo me hizo sentir muy bien y satisfecho. Son personas que quieren de verdad a ayudarte nomás! Ivan Loginov, Russia.

Work in Buenos Aires for one year


Work in Buenos Aires for one year

Work in Buenos Aires for one year: ÍBERO TEFL is a modern TEFL Training School located in downtown Buenos Aires, with all attractions nearby. We provide the best TEFL teaching course in Buenos Aires by offering a professional and friendly class atmosphere.

The objective of the TEFL course at Íbero is to prepare the TEFL trainee as well as possible to begin teaching courses immediately upon graduation. First, methodology is covered so that the student will be familiar with prevailing thoughts and techniques in teaching languages, as well as consider what works best and how they might structure their classes. Secondly, an in-depth grammar review is conducted to refresh the student on the various topics they will need to be able to teach their students. Finally, the course focuses on observations, practice teachings, and lesson planning to give the student real life insight and practice with teaching in order to be better prepared once he/she begins to instruct his/her own courses. At the end of the course, the trainee will know how they should structure a class, how to plan for a class and how to efficiently instruct the numerous themes in the English language to a variety of language levels and backgrounds.


I have worked as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires all of 2016. I was very impressed with Íbero. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. There are coffee and tea, biscuits, etc. I learned a lot about different teaching methods and a lot about grammar.  Florencia was a fantastic TEFL Instructor and helped us through the last two weeks. She was helpful and had lots of experience. The teaching practices were also very helpful to teach the different levels so I know the abilities of different students. Aaron Caulton, New Zealand

 Work in Buenos Aires for one year

TEFL trainees should also understand that during classroom observations and practice teaching sessions that they represent our school and TEFL program, and as such should behave responsibly and professionally. Trainees are also expected to represent the school favorably in their communication with local language institutes by responding to all contacts promptly and professionally. This includes informing institutes that have contacted the trainee when he/she is not interested in the classes they have to offer.

We can guarantee a job for you for one or two years in Buenos Aires. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy and we will make sure you will always have an ESL job in Buenos Aires.

Íbero network s with language schools, agencies and professional organizations and our more than a decade in the language travel market in Buenos Aires allows us to perform successful teaching jobs placements for our TEFL graduates.

Íbero guarantees paid TEFL job placement in Argentina for all trainees who successfully complete our course and can stay in Buenos Aires for at least 6 months, ideally one year.

Work in Buenos Aires for one year, TEFL Teacher

Throughout the TEFL course there are four examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week´s material. These tests will consist of a review of the week´s material, as well as questions that challenge the student to apply what they have learned to the field of secondary language education. The goal of the exams is not only to gauge the student´s absorption of class materials, but also to challenge them and give them the opportunity to critically think about how to apply course concepts in real life situations.

We offer our Trainees:

  • 120 hour- course, International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated by educational organizations in the UK. Training and input according to the academic standards proposed by TEFL specialists from the University of Cambridge ESOL Awards
  • Our own material, course syllabus and coursebook
  • 10 hours of classroom observation
  • 10 hours of teaching practice
  • Continuous assessment throughout the course & academic assignments to track progress
  • Guaranteed job positions for our TEFL graduates (minimum stay 6 months)
  • 4 weekly tests. These tests will measure your progress and help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will guide you and correct tests every Friday during the course.
  • Access to professional development and ELT seminars: You will have the chance to assist conferences, workshops and special courses for English teachers at no cost or at a discounted rate.

Choosing a TEFL Course


Tips to take into account when choosing a tefl course

Tips to take into account when choosing a tefl course: Argentina is Latin America’s largest Spanish speaking country, with the capital of Buenos Aires being the largest city in the country. This bustling city has a lucrative job market because business professionals are flocking here for better job opportunities; as the economy climbs, English is becoming more of a necessity for international business. This means the demand for TEFL certified teachers is on the rise, not only in the capital, but across the country. This is one of the many reasons Buenos Aires is the perfect place to become TEFL certified. Furthermore you have a better chance of finding a good job and making connections in the city if you attend a school that is accredited and well-known like Íbero TEFL.

Some tips to take into account when choosing a TEFL course in Buenos Aires (and Don’t Get Ripped Off)

We have been running the TEFL certification program at Íbero for the past nine years however you may be considering other options when choosing your TEFL course in Buenos Aires. Here you have some steps to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate TEFL class.


Research TEFL courses worldwide It is worth to put in the time to research matters like TEFL certification and job markets. Check out blogs, reviews and articles.

2-Speak with TEFL schools and ask as many questions as possible

An excellent TEFL Certification school will employ a trained professional admissions staff who can provide answers for TEFL programs questions

Ask about

  • TEFL courses;
  • Job placement assistance; free or not?
  • Your opportunity to obtain a paid teaching position based on your skills, citizenship, age, educational level, gender, etc.
  • Official training hours and accreditation : How many hours of training does your TEFL course have (international standard is at least 100 hours) and is your TEFL course accredited (and if so, then by whom)?
  • Teaching practice sessions: Do your courses incorporate live practice teaching with real ESL students (not role-playing with other teachers-in-training)? Note that the majority of schools around the world hiring English teachers do not recognize TEFL courses that do not incorporate at least 6-20 hours of real practice sessions, avoid getting ripped off on your TEFL certification


Tips to take into account when choosing a tefl course: Instructors: Who will teach my TEFL course? If you want to become a professional English teacher, should you accept anything less than top-level instruction from experienced professors with advanced degrees. It does not matter if the professor is from Argentina or from the US, the instructor has to have experience teaching English and to deliver effective T EFL classes.


Tips to take into account when choosing a tefl course : How and where will you help me find a job and how much will that cost in addition to my course tuition?  Are there “extra” costs involved in this? Here at Íbero TEFL of course we offer job placement at no additional cost.

Where in the world can you teach abroad with your TEFL certification?  The majority of language schools worldwide require a professional level course of 100 of classwork and 6 hours of practicum.  A way to find out is simply go to an ESL board, contact a school in a country and ask what that employer requires.

Are there any hidden costs such as book fees, registration fees, or fees for job placement assistance? When considering international courses, be sure to ask about housing costs and extra features such as language classes and cultural activities .Of course here at Íbero TEFL we do not charge an application fee and job placement is free of charge.

What is a realistic timeline for getting my TEFL/TESOL certification, getting hired and going abroad to teach English abroad?  Is it a four-week, in-person class?  Of course here at Íbero TEFL School we connect you with language schools and companies and you will start working right after your TEFL course.

 Tips to take into account when choosing a tefl course: If you can’t get proper answers to these sorts of questions, then you probably need to move on and look for another TEFL school.



5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TEACHING ENGLISH IN BUENOS AIRES: They call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America. I don’t like this comparison for two reasons. One, I’ve never been to Paris so I don’t know if it has any validity or not and more importantly, two, I believe Buenos Aires has it’s own “onda” (vibe) unlike anywhere else in the world and therefore does not and should not be compared to other cities. But hey, that is just my opinion.

There are many reasons and ways in which Buenos Aires is distinct from other places around the world. In this post I am including 5 ways in which the city, the people, and the traditions are different and how you might fit in better knowing them.


If you have ever studied Spanish or traveled to a Spanish speaking country then you probably feel confident in knowing that you can get yourself around or at least find someone that can help you. Knowing the language of the country you are in is a wonderful thing.

I must say that even after studying Spanish in college and traveling to several different Spanish speaking countries, I felt as though I did not know the language here in Buenos Aires. Forget what you learned in school my friends because the “tu” form is out.

I almost panicked when I found that out before coming but luckily the “vos” form is pretty simple to understand and get the hang of. That along with the incredible speed in which Argentinians talk and the unique accent makes it a bit tough at first but if I can do it, you can too.

Kellane Kornegay TEFL Teacher 2017

I finished my TEFL course on September 16th, 2016. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel I have learnt so much about teaching as well as language in general. Carolina is a wonderful teacher and does a great job of keeping us interested and involved. My expectations of the course were met and exceeded. I feel much more confident that I will be a great teacher of English, or any subject, really, as the tools and skills we have learned can be applied to many subjects. The teaching practices were great. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Kellane Kornegay, USA

5 Things you should know before teaching English in Buenos Aires


You cannot come to Buenos Aires without partaking in an asado. Well, who am I to tell you what to do. Let’s just say you would be missing out on one of the most amazing meals of your life if you didn’t. I came to Buenos Aires as a vegetarian and was warned many times that it would be difficult to find things to eat. That is not true.

This is a huge city full of different types of restaurants, many with vegetarian options. In fact, it seems vegetarianism is starting to be somewhat of a trend here. Anyways, I did give up my meatless diet after I attended my first Asado.

I don’t know the details of the meat or where to get it or what exactly to buy but I do know that you will enjoy several different types of meat, usually a sausage or chorizo, beef, and/or pork. The meats need no seasoning and have probably only been prepared with salt.

Someone will be grilling the meats while you are hanging out, drinking red wine, and talking to whoever is there – friends and family.

You may also have some salad and bread on the side but the headliner for the day is the meat and it deserves a round of applause and an encore. Argentinians love their asado and I promise once you partake in this wonderful tradition, you will too.


5 Things you should know before teaching English in Buenos Aires: I am from a medium sized city in South Carolina. We have a bus system but no major form of public transportation. This is actually one of the reasons I wanted to come to Buenos Aires because I am a big fan of public transport.

Here, there is a bus system (called collectivos) and a metro (the Subte). To ride the Subte or any of the buses, you have to have a Sube card. It is a prepaid card that you swipe each time you ride. I quite like this system. That is, on the days I don’t forget my card.

On the subway you might be able to manage as you can buy a one way trip (I think) but if you try to get on a bus without your Sube card – good luck. The best scenario; your neighbor is kind enough to swipe their card for you. The worst; you will be walking home. Always a good thing to add “sube card” to your “phone, keys, wallet” list before leaving the house.


5 Things you should know before teaching English in Argentina: Buenos Aires is the 10th largest city in the world – it’s easy to get lost or not know where you are going. My first week here I had several people ask me for directions and I almost laughed because I thought it was a joke – like I know where I am going?! Funny. Now I understand.

Even people that have lived here for years don’t know all the streets or names or ways around. They all have something else, though – false confidence. Ask someone on the street for directions and they will tell you as if they know the city like the back of their hand.

Ask a different person for the same directions and they, too, will give you great directions but that are completely different from the first. It is best you are prepared with a map or working cell phone to help you get around. Or you can just listen to the directions the people tell you and go on your own little adventure (as long as you are safe!).


5 Things you should know before teaching English in Buenos Aires: If you are a night owl, Buenos Aires is the city for you. On the weekends and even during the week people are out and about at all hours. If you are going out to a club with your friends, be prepared to not get home until the sun is up. Better yet, have breakfast with them first before heading home to sleep.

You won’t be looked at weird or like you should be ashamed of anything. It’s the norm here. Staying up late doesn’t just apply to the party scene, though. If you are in to Tango, many milongas don’t start until 2am. Even dinner doesn’t start until about 10pm or later and that goes for every day of the week.

May sound crazy for those that are not accustomed to that but I have been able to adjust pretty easily. Just make sure to take that afternoon siesta. Buenos Aires is full of things to see, hear, taste, experience, and do. There is always something going on and something to be a part of. As a TEFL teacher I think it is a great place to start as there is ample opportunity to teach while surrounded by an interesting and intriguing culture.

Written by Kellane Kornegay – Ibero TEFL Teacher

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

Teaching Abroad Program in Argentina

Requirements to teach English in Argentina: Studying a TEFL Certification course in Buenos Aires will always be beneficial. Some institutes consider it an initial and essential qualification to teach English. English teachers in Buenos Aires are unlikely to lack for work. The cultural, political, and economic entities of Buenos Aires are very serious about the city’s status as a cultural and economic capital of South America, and there are constant, ongoing efforts in place to maintain a favorable environment in Buenos Aires for international and transatlantic business and communication.  A 4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires will open many doors. As such, most medium-to-large companies are always on the lookout for English instructors for their employees, and there are no shortage of agencies who make their profits pairing English instructors with clients. While the initial entry into the job market can be bumpy, or at least discombobulating – the process of job interview and placement can take more time than teachers are used to – the job placement services offered through recommended TEFL Certification programs in Buenos Aires strive to make the process of finding work as quick and straightforward as possible for graduates, and English teachers (ESL Teachers) are usually able to maintain a comfortable standard of living in Buenos Aires.

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

English teachers who come to Buenos Aires from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand often marvel at how well they can live for relatively little money. Food, housing, and transportation costs are much lower in Buenos Aires than they are in other major cities of the world, and Buenos Aires offers a vibrant tableau of theater, art, music, and other cultural activities, usually free or at a very affordable cost.

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

  • Education: BA/BS not required but preferred; TEFL TESOL course certificate is required
  • Teaching English in Argentina Peak hiring months: February–March; July–August, October.
  • Academic Year: The academic year begins in February or early March and lasts until December. The best time to look for work is a few weeks before the end of the summer holidays. However, many institutes run 8- to 12-week courses year round and will hire a native speaker whatever the time of year.
  • Types of English Teaching jobs: Language schools, companies in Buenos Aires
  • Typical hiring process: CV/resumé and interview in person in Argentina
  • Average teaching hours per week: 20–25 hours of classroom
  • Types of students: business professionals
  • Cost of living per month in Buenos Aires: 800 – 1,000 USD
  • Average monthly pay: 800 – 1,000 USD



TEFL, ESL, and TESOL are all teacher training courses

Teaching English as a foreign language in Buenos Aires 2017

Teacher training courses in Buenos Aires, TEFL

Teaching English as a foreign language in Buenos Aires: TEFL, ESL, and TESOL are all teacher training courses. Each of these qualifications is designed to prepare one for their English language teacher duties. The difference between these teach English programs is how they prepare instructors for different teaching environments. Depending on your international aspirations as an English teacher, one course may be a better fit than another.

Teaching English as a foreign language in Buenos Aires

First we will look at the international TEFL training, TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language. TEFL certification aims to equip teachers with the skill set required to teach English to students, where English is not the native language. TEFL is for teachers who wish to work in countries that teach English as a second language. Therefore, during a training course for TEFL you will learn to handle a classroom of students learning English as a second language in a place where English is not commonly spoken. Due to the extensive amount of countries where this type of English language instruction is demanded and applicable, a TEFL qualification is the most widely recognized type of teaching certification in non-native English speaking countries around the globe. Additionally, earning TEFL certification from reputable institutions, such as respected colleges and universities, tend to be more highly regarded than TESOL certification courses. Education systems in non-English speaking nations all over the globe tend to have English teacher job vacancy for TEFL teachers. There is an abundance of jobs for TEFL teachers, which is another reason why it is a lot easier to find a job if you are TEFL certified than to try and teach English without certification.

TEFL, ESL, and TESOL are all teacher training courses

Teaching English as a foreign language in Buenos Aires: In conclusion, the course you decide to take depends on which type of environment you wish to teach in. TEFL is a certificate for overseas teachers of English or teaching abroad. ESL is for teaching in your home country or a native English speaking country. Lastly, TESOL combines both, but between internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification, TEFL is more recognized of the two.

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

4 week TEFL Course in Argentina

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires: ESL stands for English as a second language. ESL certified teachers teach English to speakers of foreign languages living in a native-English speaking country. That is the main difference between an ESL certification and an ESL certification. Whereas, TEFL is best for teachers planning to relocate temporarily or permanently abroad, ESL teacher positions are suitable for those looking to expand their careers within their current home country, not for those that wish to be a foreign English teacher. Therefore, ESL jobs and ESL opportunities are more abundant in English speaking countries.

The last certification we will look at is TESOL, and has not been around as long as the ESL English program or the certified TEFL courses. A TESOL certification course combines both and provides the base for teachers to teach in both non-native English countries and within English speaking countries. Since TESOL is a newer certification, it can be less highly regarded than a TEFL, as overseas curricula tend to favour TEFL qualified candidates. Some schools and organizations may also not recognize a TESOL certification as a valid ESL teaching certificate.

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires:  Getting started in TEFL teacher training can be daunting when it comes to choosing the right course. One of the first questions prospective English teachers who want to teach English as a foreign language ask is, “how to get a TEFL certification?”. There are many options out there including; teaching English as a foreign language certification online, a TEFL weekend course, a TESOL master course, TEFL Asia or a Global TESOL course. These are all different types of teaching certifications, which can make the decision process quite tedious.

The 4 WEEK Íbero TEFL course prepares instructors with all of these components, as well as the following; a 120-hour total training course, 100 academic hours, input classes, 10 classroom observations, 10 teaching practice sessions with real English as a foreign language students. Furthermore, we offer up guaranteed paid employment if you stay in Buenos Aires for up to 6 months or more. Hopefully, our guide to TEFL certifications has cleared up some of your questions and steered you in the right direction to choose the perfect school for you.

Get TEFL certified in Buenos Aires

Get TEFL certified in Buenos Aires

Get TEFL certified in Latin America

Get TEFL certified in Buenos Aires: If you’re considering teaching English abroad, you’ve probably heard that you need a TEFL certification to do it. Earning your TEFL certification will help you with the job search, better salary options, and help make you a more prepared teacher — especially if you’ve never taught before. But where to do it? Online or in a classroom? The first step in gaining your TEFL degree is deciding whether to study TEFL online or to take a TEFL training course in the class room.

There are pros and cons to consider when choosing online TEFL training or in class training. Before taking an online course be very careful and make sure that the course is an accredited TEFL certification online, because there are some scams out there. That being said, the first thing to consider is cost, you can get your TEFL certification online cheap, much cheaper than in a classroom. The con is that you are unable to gain experience or teach English lessons during your training, as you would in a classroom. The hands on experience gain in the classroom is invaluable and will help you when you are teaching English in a real world setting. If you don’t have a lot of flexibility and need to stay in your place of residence then online courses are a good option. Although this does not allow you to become immersed in the culture or help prepare you to be an English teacher in foreign countries as well as teaching English to foreigners as part of your training in the classroom would. Another pro to taking classes in the country you will be teaching in is that you will have the ability to network and work with colleagues in order to find TEFL offers and English teacher jobs. The Pros of learning in a classroom far outweigh the pros of an online course to prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language.

Get TEFL certified in Buenos Aires

Get TEFL certified in Buenos Aires: At Íbero TEFL, we are recognized for our international TEFL training, accredited by the University of Fort Hayts and we offer TEFL guaranteed job placement. Our goal is to prepare you with the best instruction and hands on experience possible, connect you with TEFL opportunities, and provide you with top notch English as a foreign language certification. At Íbero you will not only learn to teach English as a foreign language, but you will feel confident and prepared to teach anywhere in the world.

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Buenos Aires

ESL Jobs in Argentina

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina: As English progresses to becoming known as the international language of commerce and culture, the number of students across the globe are starting to participate in more and more English language classes each year. Now more than ever there is an unprecedented demand for English instructors. A TEFL Certification can open doors for many people out there who are looking to travel, help others, and/or switch up their career. There are endless job opportunities for TEFL certified instructors, probably even some you did not realize were out there. Teaching English as a foreign language without a degree is also a great possibility for those who have not obtained a Bachelor’s degree. The following is a list of jobs ideas that are available to TEFL certified instructors.

At Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires we aim to help you make the best decision possible when choosing a course that fits your needs specifically. First and foremost, when choosing a course one must know the difference between ESL, TEFL, and TESOL, which you can view at the following link, (insert link to document referencing the difference between these three here). You will see that there are some big differences between a certified TEFL teacher, ESL English teacher, and English TESOL.

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina, Buenos Aires

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina: The following provides information on recognized TEFL courses. It is very important that you don’t pick the first cheap TEFL course you find on the internet. I strongly advise that you do your research to ensure that the school you choose is an internationally accredited TEFL school. Íbero TEFL is accredited by Fort Hays University which is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. After you decipher whether or not a school is accredited it is important to ensure that you teach English as foreign language course includes proper teacher training. If you decide to take an on-site course as opposed to one of the many ESL online certification programs, then it should include at least 10 hours of practice sessions with real English as a foreign language students and the proper components to ensure you get the necessary training to teach English speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

ESL jobs worldwide (TEFL & ESL Teacher Jobs)

ESL jobs worldwide TEFL

ESL jobs worldwide (TEFL & ESL Teacher Jobs)

ESL jobs worldwide: International jobs to teach English are available in almost every country of the world. If you are someone who desires to travel the world and work then the option is at your fingertips, all you need to do is apply! Language schools, institutes, and private companies around the world are always looking for certified English instructors and often times have an abundance of jobs and not enough teachers.

Teach English in the United States

You can teach English in the United States with your TEFL certification. There are millions of non-native English speakers living, working and studying in the United States and the demand for English language instruction is high. This creates many opportunities for teaching English as a foreign language.

Teach ESL online

ESL jobs worldwide: Native English teachers with a TEFL certification, internet connection, and have clear verbal communication can teach online English courses for non-native speakers. This allows you with the flexibility to make your own hours and work from anywhere you choose.

English tutorial jobs

ESL jobs worldwide: There are multiple websites that hire online English tutors and freelance English tutors, or you have the option to make use of great websites like Craigslist. This gives you the opportunity to work as a freelance English instructor and give private lesson. It’s great because you can make your own hours, decide if you want to do online or on site lessons, and you can do it anywhere!

I am now Teaching English in Buenos Aires, this January and February 2017.  I would like to say thank you all for being so generous and helpful through the course. I absolutely love Carolina as a teacher and person, she was without a doubt one of the best teachers that I have ever had. Florencia has been super nice and helpful. I love the school building and the area and the course schedule was perfect. The class itself was so amazing, and Carolina is wonderful! I hope to embody her many great attributes throughout my journey as a teacher! She is perfect. Brutally honest which I so much appreciate! Every lesson had an organized progression and flowed smoothly. Her knowledge of not just the English language but also language itself is something I strive to emulate; likewise, there were no questions she could not answer. I was genuinely honored to have her as a teacher. This is a program that I would definitely recommend to friends, so great job with everything! A. J. Alec Billig, USA

I finished the course on November 11th, 2016. The staff …all knowledgeable and nice. The teacher is fantastic. Teaching practice sessions were useful because I could practice teaching with different English levels and group ages. The group lessons were great and I received awesome feedback. I got an English Teaching Job right after the program. Thanks! William Hurd, USA


Get TEFL certified and work all over the world as a TEFL teacher

Get TEFL certified and work all over the world

Get TEFL certified and work all over the world

Get TEFL certified and work all over the world : Whether you are still in school, have just finished, are unsure of which career path to take or are looking for a change, our TEFL course covers a comprehensive range of teaching skills to make you an effective ESL teacher. It is a great idea to get TEFL certified and then work all over the world as a TEFL Teacher. Our TEFL Certification includes practical “in-class” exposure that ESL schools in Argentina or abroad are looking for in a teacher.

Our Íbero TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

  • Prepares you to teach English in Argentina or abroad
  • Consists of live instructor-led classes complemented by teaching practice sessions
  • Receive an internationally-recognized 120-hour certificate, including real practice

About our TEFL Trainers

Get TEFL certified and work all over the world: From teaching in multicultural settings and organizing the English teaching workload, to meeting the needs of diverse trainees or learners in the classroom and making effective use of the English teaching resources available, our experienced and dynamic TEFL Trainers cover a comprehensive range of teaching skills ensuring our graduates are well-trained, marketable TEFL teachers.

Our experienced TEFL Trainers

  • All have practical teaching experience teaching abroad
  • Most have Masters degrees
  • Approachable, highly knowledgeable, and, above all, inspiring

Our experienced TEFL Trainers cover a comprehensive range of teaching skills. It is essential that you choose a certification course that will not only teach you the theoretical approaches to teaching English, but will provide you with the practical teaching techniques that can only be learned from a hands-on, in-class course to make you an effective English teacher.

We help you get a rewarding job

Get TEFL certified and work all over the world : Our job placement is included and you receive the added benefit of working with a Job Placement Advisor who specializes in the English Teaching industry. We, at Íbero TEFL, identify available positions that fit your goals, and guide you through the hiring process, from interview to placement.

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