Many students from different parts of the world (Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Norway and Australia) have chosen us for their TEFL course. You can rely on our professional experience and be sure we can get you an English Teacher job immediately after your TEFL course.

I found out about Íbero TEFL at university through a friend. The staff were friendly and the building felt authentic and comfortable. I enjoyed the course and I think it will help me a lot. The TEFL trainer Carolina was amazing. She was organized, comfortable and very experienced. The practice teaching sessions were helpful. Thank you for settling me into the life within Buenos Aires.Lauren Kirby, United Kingdom

I finished my course on December 7th, 2016. I loved the space that the school was in. I thought the interaction with other students and staff members was consistently pleasant and helpful. The schedule was consistent but not overwhelming.  I really loved my time in this TEFL course. It made me think about language and teaching in novel ways, as well as helped me from a greater understanding of the basis of the English language. Carolina absolutely made this TEFL experience all that it was. She was thorough, honest, helpful, entertaining, and knowledgeable and always made the class colorful and novel. I appreciate the effort she put in to making sure everyone participated and felt valued and heard. I also appreciated that we took class time to get to know each other and ourselves, not just the material we were all here to cover. Thank you Florencia and Carolina for a great TEFL course.Simone Teitelbaum, USA

I finished my TEFL course on December 7th, 2016. The course has been a perfect step on my journey to becoming a Teacher and as I came in essentially no knowledge to know being able to teach a lesson, I think it has helped and will help immensely in the future. The book was and will continue to be incredibly helpful. I think the amount of information provided by the book could teach me most of what I need to know to be a decent teacher. Carolina was such an amazing teacher, she was always prepared, she brought a great sense of humor and fun to the classroom, and she knew the answer to every question about both the English and the Spanish languages. I admire her as a person and as a Teacher. I felt the observations were useful to see how one on one teaching works and to see an English Teacher in action. I really enjoyed the practice teaching sessions and felt that they were very useful to start teaching without any consequences. I love my accommodation and enjoy living in my room. I love Argentina! Ione Hope, USA

I found about Íbero TEFL through a friend who is currently teaching English in Thailand. I have nothing but kind things to say about this institution, the staff and the flexible schedule! Íbero has provided me with the necessary tools and course material to prepare myself as a better teacher. The book was very helpful. My instructor was amazing! Enthusiastic, funny and extremely smart, very well prepared. I loved my accommodation in Buenos Aires as well as my roommates. Teaching practice sessions were great, definitely a learning experience! Íbero TEFL is a great institute for people of all ages and from anywhere around the world.William Stuart, USA

The school was great. I liked the other staff members I met and other students taking Spanish courses. My Professor was organized and definitely passionate about teaching. I can tell she is experienced and knowledgeable; she kept us engaged and entertained despite being a five hour class per day. I enjoyed the observations and getting to see a variety of classes and students. I enjoyed the practices.  The family at my accommodation was very welcoming and friendly. Overall, a great experience.Molly Finley, USA

I completed my TEFL course at Íbero on May 29th, 2015. I found the TEFL course to be a very helpful crash course in what I should expect from teaching English. At first, I thought that the course would mainly revolve around reviewing the English grammar rules that I haven’t really paid attention to since primary and secondary school. The course did focus on this for one week, with a particular emphasis on some of the most useful ways to explain things. The TEFL book by Íbero was great. I have used the coursework to help me compare and contrast verb tenses, as well as teach the different ways the English language makes use of Gerunds (-ing words). More than the grammar however, the most practical benefits gained from the course include categorizing the students’ existing knowledge base into levels, knowing what materials are appropriate to learn at each one of these levels, and how handle classroom dynamics in which students vary in understanding or fluency. No doubt that the practice sessions were helpful. They are useful because prior to the practice sessions, I spent a lot of time in a classroom discussing the theory and the best practices. It was good to approach it from the theoretical side, but actually being in a classroom with a language learner for an hour helped me see some of the struggles in person. Exposure to this environment brought things to my attention and the subsequent discussions with my instructor helped to make what I was learning in class more applicable to the real-world teaching experience. The job placement was very useful. By providing contacts to the various language institutions I was able to find enough teaching hours to break even on expenses. However, getting hired by the companies and arranging schedules are two different things. As you are aware, there are a lot of factors that must be arranged before the first day of class even starts such as the day and time and location. If in the beginning you aren’t careful when scrambling for enough hours, you run the risk of making commitments that pull you all around town. Thanks again for everything, Jim Clark, USA

Terminé mi curso TEFL el 29 de marzo de 2016. Fue genial la experiencia aquí. Al inicio tenía poco miedo de verdad es que no sabía nada de la escuela y leí cosas negativas… desde primer momento que entré a esta atmosfera increíble entendí que de verdad la situación era al revés! Mi profe aquí y la directora sólo trataron que yo tengo la mejor experiencia! El curso fue genial – tanta mucho trabajo la profe puso para ayudar nos, para apoyarnos con cualquier pregunta que tuvimos.. ahora  me siento mucho más listo para enseñar inglés. La directora me ayudó mucho también.. la cosa más importante es que se preocupa de ti! Se preocupa de ti no solo si estás pagando por el curso, pero se preocupa si te gusta el curso, si te vas a encontrar trabajo después. Es una chica genial.. y este todo me hizo sentir muy bien y satisfecho. Son personas que quieren de verdad a ayudarte nomás! Ivan Loginov, Russia.

I finished the TEFL course on July 22nd, 2016.  I have enjoyed the experience. I really liked the course and I believe it will be useful not only for providing a possibility of teaching abroad but with all the experience that I acquired to enrich my English classes. The TEFL Instructor, Carolina, was very experienced and prepared. Also she is a very nice person which makes all the difference since we stayed together for about 100 hours during this month! We learned lots of things with her not just teaching. As a whole it added a lot to my practice teaching and also made me willing to know more Spanish and more about Argentina. I truly appreciated being here. Thanks! Silvia Matta Machado, Brazil

I started my course on November 14th, 2016. Carolina was superb. The building is groovy and the staff is lovely. The course was incredibly helpful. It helped me understand how to apply concepts into engaging lessons and how to recognize different types of both learning and learners. Our trainer Carolina was prepared, organized fascinated, engaging and brilliant. She was patient and created a space for each of us to feel comfortable even when discussing difficult concepts or personal information. She made me think about approaching teaching from a variety of angles and constantly pointed out ways of engaging a class through real examples. The teaching practice sessions were helpful, working with a mixture of levels helped me understand how to better prepare myself and engage with teaching.  Monique Nicholas, Canada.

I am now Teaching English in Buenos Aires, this January and February 2017.  I would like to say thank you all for being so generous and helpful through the course. I absolutely love Carolina as a teacher and person, she was without a doubt one of the best teachers that I have ever had. Florencia has been super nice and helpful. I love the school building and the area and the course schedule was perfect. The class itself was so amazing, and Carolina is wonderful! I hope to embody her many great attributes throughout my journey as a teacher! She is perfect. Brutally honest which I so much appreciate! Every lesson had an organized progression and flowed smoothly. Her knowledge of not just the English language but also language itself is something I strive to emulate; likewise, there were no questions she could not answer. I was genuinely honored to have her as a teacher. This is a program that I would definitely recommend to friends, so great job with everything! A. J. Alec Billig, USA

I finished the course on November 11th, 2016. The staff …all knowledgeable and nice. The teacher is fantastic. Teaching practice sessions were useful because I could practice teaching with different English levels and group ages. The group lessons were great and I received awesome feedback. I got an English Teaching Job right after the program. Thanks! William Hurd, USA

I finished my TEFL course on October 11th, 2016. My teacher was superb, she has lots of knowledge. The teaching practices and the observations were very useful and the job placement works great. I taught English classes right after my TEFL course. Fleur Rijckevorsel, Amsterdam, Holland


I have completed my TEFL course at Íbero on November 11th, 2016. Carolina was an incredibly perceptive teacher and modeled the techniques she was teaching. She was prepared and it was easy to see she was looking ahead. She developed great rapport and managed the class through humor. Even though I have experience I learned aa lot about English and myself. The schedule was intense when teaching hours started but manageable. The teaching practices were useful because I will have a paid English job with two of the classes I practice taught and observed. It was important to try things with groups. Thank you very much. This is a great program and the job placement service is great. Olivia Nicole Scheidler, USA

I think this is the best TEFL course in South America. I loved the atmosphere at the school. The staff was very pleasant, I loved our Professor. This course will definitely help me in my future as an English Teacher. Our professor was fantastic. She was totally engaged and genuinely interested in each one of the group´s development and understanding. She was very organized and well prepared. She totally knows what is she talking about, I could not have asked for anything more from her. Practice teaching was very useful. I enjoyed it and liked it a lot. Ashley Chase,USA

I finished my TEFL course on November 11th, 2016. The teaching practices were very useful. I learnt a lot about who I would prefer to teach and different English class dynamics. Carolina, our Professor, was really good, interesting, engaging and has a passion for Teaching. She is amazing. Tommy Bullen, UK

Our professor was amazing, insightful, intelligent and entertaining. You could tell she is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. I thought the school was in a good location and it was really nice. The book was helpful and the class videos were helpful as well. The teaching practice sessions were great, one-on-one and group English classes were a nice transition and helped me with the nerves surrounding teaching a class. Giuliana Del Guercio, USA


I found out about the Íbero TEFL course in Buenos Aires through a friend who did a similar course in Thailand. The school is great, staff very nice, good facilities. I enjoyed the course and thought it was very helpful I liked that class observations and teaching practices were included. Our professor was great; she made lessons entertaining even though they were five hours long. The observations were great; it was good to observe before first teaching practice to have an idea of how English classes worked. Observing a variety of levels and different teachers was helpful. Teaching practices were useful in order to understand how activities work out best and to adapt to different English levels and students as well as to improve teaching planning skills. Claire Alexander, UK

I finished my TEFL course on November 11th, 2016. I enjoyed the TEFL course; it has prepared me for the basics of being a TEFL Teacher. I enjoyed the people in my class and how the course was structured. I think long-term teaching/lesson planning would be helpful to learn. Carolina was a great professor. She is personable and friendly, got along well with all of the students. She is interesting and knows how to start intriguing conversations. She is experienced, prepared, entertaining and organized. I thought the practice teaching sessions were useful, especially the group practices. Emily Anthony, USA

I took the TEFL course on June 27th, 2016. The course was very good with lots of detail that will help me to be a better teacher for sure. The staff are very friendly and there is a really nice atmosphere. The schedule was good as it managed to give you a lot of information without being too overwhelming. I think the book is great and I will definitely use it as a reference in future. Carolina was great. The classes were fun and informative. She was very knowledgeable and well organised and prepared. Matthew Warner, England

I started the TEFL course with Íbero on July 25th, 2016. The course was enjoyable and taught me a lot. The book was the most helpful.Our instructor was organized, very experienced and always tried to keep things interesting. I liked how she also involved the Spanish language in the lessons sometimes. Lily, New Zealand


Thank you Florencia and Carolina. I loved the course. Buenos Aires is a fantastic city. This course has been very useful. Alicia Castro, USA



I completed the course on August 19th, 2016. The book was very useful during the course. It covered everything we would need as beginning teachers and it was also good to get some guidance on CV and letter preparation. Carolina was fantastic. It was very beneficial to have her use the same methods she was teaching to us and by teaching us some Spanish as well that put us in the same position as language learners and helped us to see the methods put into action. She had a good balance of theory and activities in the class. It was great having to teach students at different English levels. Thanks for a great month. Andrea Chan, Malasya

I finished the course on August 19th, 2016. I enjoyed the TEFL course. Carolina was excellent. The teaching practice sessions were a good thing to have before real paid teaching. Oliver Hanzely, Slovakia/Canada

I finished my TEFL course on July 22nd, 2016. I think the TEFFL course is going to be useful not only as a diploma but also the teaching ideas we have learned. . The instructor knows a lot about the topic of teaching and also others. She tried to make it more relaxing and fun for us. The videos were really helpful and also the games.    Nora Yankova Levterova, Spain/Bulgary

I was very impressed with Íbero. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. There are coffee and tea, biscuits, etc. I learned a lot about different teaching methods and a lot about grammar. Florencia was a fantastic TEFL Instructor and helped us through the last two weeks. She was helpful and had lots of experience. The teaching practices were also very helpful to teach the different levels so I know the abilities of different students. Aaron Caulton, New Zealand

Florencia was great. I think the course was intensive but useful. It gave the necessary tools and information to achieve it (being a teacher). Thank you so much for the opportunity, Irene Lopez, Colombia



I finished my TEFL class on April 29th, 2016. Nice area, nice building, I feel the TEFL course gave the tools I need to do great as an English Teacher. I enjoyed the book and other materials. The book by far was the most helpful. The teaching practice sessions were helpful and they gave me an idea of what we will be doing – definitely necessary. I would recommend this course to others, for sure. Brian Warren, USA.

I took the course on April 4th, 2016. It was the best cause ever, with the best classmates ever! The course will help me as a teacher in the future. It gave me a lot of knowledge and skills. I am keeping the book forever! The teaching practice sessions were very useful. Andrea Martinez, Ecuador


I completed the TEFL course in June 2015. The teaching practice sessions were useful as they allowed me to put into practice everything I had learnt during the theoretical lessons of the course.  They also gave me confidence for my first official lessons as a teacher. Íbero TEFL put me into contact with a language institute- they have been very helpful with finding students.Laura Stock, New Zealand

The TEFL course helped me immensely with getting a job in B.A.
Without it, I am not sure I would have found so much work, at least not right away.
My instructor was excellent and extremely helpful in preparing us. I am grateful for my teacher and all the program has done.
Sara La Noir, New York City, USA.