TEFL Buenos Aires

Travel the world with your Íbero TEFL Certification

TEFL Buenos Aires, Teach English Worldwide: Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language is a fantastic and unforgettable way to travel the world and discover what it’s like to be immersed in a different and relevant culture. Inspire others to learn the English language while getting paid to support your adventure abroad anywhere in the world!

Teach English Worldwide with our Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires Certificate

At Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires, we believe TEFL certification opens many doors here in Argentina and worldwide. If you are planning to teach English worldwide, then our course is the best decision because with our reputation and years of experience we are able to offer jobs for our TEFL graduates right after the course. Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires is the most highly accredited TEFL provider in Argentina and in all of Latin America, so no matter which course you choose to take, you will receive an internationally recognized TEFL certificate at the end of your TEFL training. Most employers look for new native English teachers to have at least 120 hours of TEFL training, and our TEFL course in Buenos Aires includes 10 hours of classroom observation classes and 10 hours of teaching practices, besides the 100 hours total of methodology classes at our school!

Our method of teaching English is hands on. During our TEFL course in Buenos Aires our experienced trainers explain and demonstrate where appropriate but we, as a team, make sure our TEFL trainees get involved as much as possible. The best way to learn how to teach English is through constant practice, so look forward to lesson planning, games and taking part in English learning activities created by other people on the course.

TEFL Buenos Aires, Teach English Worldwide

In order to be able to teach English worldwide, you will create your very own English lessons and have the chance to teach English to your peers. Our TEFL course will enable you to fully understand how to adapt your lessons to suit different age groups and English levels.

The topics of classroom activities vary greatly from class to class, so no matter what your educational/professional background, you will have something interesting to bring to the course.