Teaching English in South America gives teachers the chance to live and teach in a fascinating and diverse part of the continent.

While teaching English, TEFL teachers can learn a new language, experience the delights of South American cuisine, and travel around the continent – all while earning a competitive salary. In order to teach English in Argentina, most teachers will need a TEFL certificate. Though this certification is not required for every English teaching job, Some schools will also consider candidates who do not hold a TEFL but who have many years of English teaching experience prior to moving to Argentina.

Teaching English in Argentina

It is important to understand that TEFL is different from TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), in that TEFL educators teach English abroad, while English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers educate non-native English Language Learners (ELLs) located within USA. However, TEFL educators may find that the acronym TESOL (or versions of it) are often used abroad to describe TEFL.

Teaching English in South America

Teaching English as a Foreign Language involves working abroad; either in Buenos Aires, Argentina or abroad, therefore, working as a TEFL teacher involves living in a foreign country, either temporarily, for the completion of a specific job, or permanently, as a freelancer or contracted employee. TEFL teaching jobs may involve private tutoring or working in language and state schools for larger groups.

TEFL does not always require being fluent in another language; however, it is quite typical for foreign employers to request bilingual educators to teach English classes. In addition, most educators find that being fluent in another language helps them while living or working abroad. For example, while living in Buenos Aires understanding decent Spanish is always a plus.

Teaching English in Buenos Aires

Our Spanish School offers a fully-customizable program of Spanish classes, and works directly with educational and cultural exchange programs around the world. Our Spanish classes are offered year- round and taught by fully certified, native, and bi-lingual instructors.

Another important thing to take into account would be that in order to teach in one of Argentina’s private international schools, teachers will need to hold a valid teaching qualification from their home state or country.

Bilingual educators and/or those who possess master’s degrees in another language or in teaching English are always in demand. Individuals without these credentials may choose to complete a TEFL or TESOL certification program through an accredited organization like Íbero TEFL Argentina.


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