Jobs for ESL teachers in Buenos Aires

Jobs for ESL teachers upon completion of the ÍBERO TEFL Course

At Íbero TEFL we can easily get you an English Teaching Job in Buenos Aires upon graduation if you have successfully completed the TEFL course here in Buenos Aires.

What Argentinian Employers are looking for

Transferable skills

Jobs for ESL teachers in Buenos Aires: Some employers want English teachers with experience working with children. This does not necessarily need to be in a TEFL or in a teaching environment – perhaps you used to coach a local sports team. As long as you can show employers you are comfortable working with young learners and have the drive to do so, you are likely to be considered for the job, even without formal English teaching experience.

Experience living abroad

Jobs for ESL teachers in Buenos Aires: Most employers in Buenos Aires or abroad will also look for teachers with the ability to adapt to living and working in a foreign country and someone who is not going to get homesick and leave after a month. Any international teaching experience or extensive travelling will show that you are comfortable in a foreign setting. Perhaps you spent a year studying abroad in a Latin American country? This is the sort of experience you should include on your CV resumé.


For the majority of TEFL positions, as long as you have completed at least 120 hours of TEFL training with an accredited TEFL course provider such as Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires you will stand a good chance of finding an English teaching job abroad.

Jobs for ESL teachers in Buenos Aires

Many students from different parts of the world (Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Norway and Australia) have chosen us for their TEFL course. You can rely on our professional experience and be sure we can get you an English Teacher job immediately after your TEFL course.

I finished my TEFL course on December 7th, 2016. The course has been a perfect step on my journey to becoming a Teacher and as I came in essentially no knowledge to know being able to teach a lesson, I think it has helped and will help immensely in the future. The book was and will continue to be incredibly helpful. I think the amount of information provided by the book could teach me most of what I need to know to be a decent teacher. Carolina was such an amazing teacher, she was always prepared, she brought a great sense of humor and fun to the classroom, and she knew the answer to every question about both the English and the Spanish languages. I admire her as a person and as a Teacher. I felt the observations were useful to see how one on one teaching works and to see an English Teacher in action. I really enjoyed the practice teaching sessions and felt that they were very useful to start teaching without any consequences. I love my accommodation and enjoy living in my room. I love Argentina! Ione Hope, USA

I found about Íbero TEFL through a friend who is currently teaching English in Thailand. I have nothing but kind things to say about this institution, the staff and the flexible schedule! Íbero has provided me with the necessary tools and course material to prepare myself as a better teacher. The book was very helpful. My instructor was amazing! Enthusiastic, funny and extremely smart, very well prepared. I loved my accommodation in Buenos Aires as well as my roommates. Teaching practice sessions were great, definitely a learning experience! Íbero TEFL is a great institute for people of all ages and from anywhere around the world.
William Stuart, USA

The school was great. I liked the other staff members I met and other students taking Spanish courses. My Professor was organized and definitely passionate about teaching. I can tell she is experienced and knowledgeable; she kept us engaged and entertained despite being a five hour class per day. I enjoyed the observations and getting to see a variety of classes and students. I enjoyed the practices.  The family at my accommodation was very welcoming and friendly. Overall, a great experience.Molly Finley, USA