How to Find a Job in Buenos Aires as a Foreigner: Foreigners moving to Argentina independently to look for work once there may run into difficulties. Job opportunities for expats are limited and local wages can be considerably lower than those expats may be accustomed to in their home countries.

Unless expats are employed by a foreign company, they will need to be in possession of a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad). Without this, expats are not legally able to work in Argentina. Expats can apply for this once they have lived in Argentina for at least two years on a temporary residence visa.

Getting a job in Argentina is not an easy task. As a general rule, Argentineans are very protective of each other in terms of employment and will always offer work to an Argentinean before a foreigner. It is also necessary to speak a high level of Spanish in order to qualify for most jobs. This is why taking Spanish immersion classes is a good idea as well to get started with job interviews and new career prospects.

How to Find a Job in Buenos Aires as a Foreigner

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a popular option, but expats should be mindful of the low rates of pay associated with this occupation; it is usually more suitable for singles travelling for a limited time or for students.

At Íbero TEFL we like to teach engaging, innovative classes that make trainees use the teaching strategies from day one until they have a full command of the structures and the vocabulary of how to teach English with fluency and confidence. The experiences, advice and knowledge that you gain through our TEFL course in Buenos Aires come not only from our experienced team of TEFL trainers but also from the benefit of meeting in a real English language Institute with a large group of experienced English language teachers with who you will share real teaching practice.

How to Find a Job in Buenos Aires as a Foreigner: Our TEFL course will show you several different  ESL methods of teaching but more importantly it will also encourage you to ask the right questions, such as “How can we teach English better?”, as the language is dynamic and ever-changing, so the English teaching methodologies should also adapt and evolve. We encourage all our TEFL trainees to get involved as much as possible in this very practical course.

At Íbero TEFL, we are recognized for our international TEFL training, accredited by the University of Fort Hays and we offer TEFL guaranteed job placement. Our goal is to prepare you with the best instruction and hands on experience possible, connect you with TEFL opportunities, and provide you with top notch English as a foreign language certification. At Íbero you will not only learn to teach English as a foreign language, but you will feel confident and prepared to teach anywhere in the world.



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