Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires

Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires

Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires: Teaching English is one of the best ways to get paid whilst living in Buenos Aires. Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the famous carne a la parrilla, asados or barbecues with Friends, the Argentinian tango and even the popular peaceful strikes on the streets of Buenos Aires? You can get all that and much more for free, and even get paid for it, when teaching English in Buenos Aires and abroad. Sounds too good to be true? If you don’t believe me read on.

BENEFITS OF TEACHING English in Buenos Aires

When you travel to Buenos Aires and have a stable English Teaching job waiting for you, your experience not only becomes more local but you also have the means to enjoy your stay in our city at its fullest. With your TEFL job that can pay between 10.000 and 15.000 Argentinian pesos per month, depending on the school you work for, you can easily cover all your expenses while you enjoy Buenos Aires.

However, it’s not all about the salary when teaching English in Buenos Aires. This is a perfect opportunity if you are a solo traveler or simply want to have a very cultural and authentic experience in Argentina. When you teach the English language at a school, you fully immerse yourself in the community and experience Buenos Aires life at its most raw and real form. You will learn about the education system, meet Argentinians of all ages and have colleagues from different backgrounds that you can go out with for a drink.

Why buenos aires is the heart of argentina

Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital city is one of the most vibrant and cultural cities you will ever visit. From the buzzing night life, where eating dinner at 10 pm and partying till 6 am is as common as anything else, to the cultural sights and tasty food, Buenos Aires has everything you could hope to experience in Argentina. There are unlimited things to do in Buenos Aires, but here are 3 which are probably already on your bucket list:

  1. Eat asado – because you just can’t live in Buenos Aires without indulging in these tasty meat.
  2. Visit Museo de Boca Juniors – the most visited museum in Buenos Aires.
  3. Go to a Boca Juniors River Plate match – even if you are not a football fan, the atmosphere is worth the experience. Argentina loves football and the capital is one of the main places where a football much is as thrilling as a night out.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM An English teaching job in Buenos Aires

Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires: The regular contracts vary from 6-months or academic year, to year-long contracts. You can work with private English language schools, Business professionals from companies or even large companies. Whilst you work, if your timetable allows it, you may also be able to earn extra by offering private one-on-one or small groups lessons. After being reminded of how exciting Buenos Aires is, I bet you can’t wait to start working towards that Argentina dream. The best way to secure a teaching job in Buenos Aires is to get qualified with our accredited TEFL course. This qualification will give you all the knowledge to excel in the English classroom and will also fast track you to get one of the many teaching jobs available in Argentina.