Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Buenos Aires

ESL Jobs in Argentina

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina: As English progresses to becoming known as the international language of commerce and culture, the number of students across the globe are starting to participate in more and more English language classes each year. Now more than ever there is an unprecedented demand for English instructors. A TEFL Certification can open doors for many people out there who are looking to travel, help others, and/or switch up their career. There are endless job opportunities for TEFL certified instructors, probably even some you did not realize were out there. Teaching English as a foreign language without a degree is also a great possibility for those who have not obtained a Bachelor’s degree. The following is a list of jobs ideas that are available to TEFL certified instructors.

At Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires we aim to help you make the best decision possible when choosing a course that fits your needs specifically. First and foremost, when choosing a course one must know the difference between ESL, TEFL, and TESOL, which you can view at the following link, (insert link to document referencing the difference between these three here). You will see that there are some big differences between a certified TEFL teacher, ESL English teacher, and English TESOL.

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina, Buenos Aires

Paid English Teaching Jobs in Argentina: The following provides information on recognized TEFL courses. It is very important that you don’t pick the first cheap TEFL course you find on the internet. I strongly advise that you do your research to ensure that the school you choose is an internationally accredited TEFL school. Íbero TEFL is accredited by Fort Hays University which is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. After you decipher whether or not a school is accredited it is important to ensure that you teach English as foreign language course includes proper teacher training. If you decide to take an on-site course as opposed to one of the many ESL online certification programs, then it should include at least 10 hours of practice sessions with real English as a foreign language students and the proper components to ensure you get the necessary training to teach English speaking, listening, reading, and writing.